World of Logs: graphic analytics

Wow. You must check this out. Graphical and detailed combat log analysis.

details from world of logs analysis

details from world of logs analysis

That’s a sample from my combat log on the free service from To interpret: I was MT on Kologarn and Freya, Aleona MT the rest.  It’s a partial log (forgot to turn on for Lev & XT) from U-10 last night.

Upload your own reports, it’s free or browse other guilds already-uploaded logs to check it out more.

Impressive, including a ‘death analysis’ (helps to find root cause), graphical bands showing when Heroism is cast, mouse-over ‘deaths’ on a chart to see how they died and when, plus more.

Reviews and how to use

  • A site owners wrote a blog entry on how to use WoLogs for healing analysis on Mimiron; which I found a compelling argument for log analysis.
  • Kadomi has also written a fairly detailed ‘how to’ and review of WoL here.

Update July 7th 2009: there’s a tour you can use to familiarise yourself with how to use it.

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