Awareness and control for raid leaders

This is a topic I’ll come back to a number of times. Below I outline a few tools which give the raid leader crucial information in real-time and post-mortem.

Real-time raid DPS (not personal dps)

  • Recount has a graphic raid dps feature, plus its FuBar plugin can be configured to display it; that’s a lot simpler on the eye
  • Skada also has raid dps. I noticed Skada has much lower CPU hit when I profiled it, so I’m trying to learn its user interface to replace my former use of Recount. (In short: you left-click to drill in and right click to drill out, and shift-click for a menu).
    • Update: you need a LDB addon like Fortress (my choice) or Titan Panel to display overall raid dps from Skada. Recount’s charted raid dps looks more flashy and arguably more informative.


  • If someone breaks the strategy on a fight (classic would have been moving whilst Flame Wreath was up in Kara, another example is getting pos/neg wrong on Thaddius), the addon announces who ‘failed’
  • Skada has a fail feature, which can be silent rather than annoucing on raid chat. This allows post-mortem analysis. Recount also has a failbot plugin you can download
  • EnsidiaFails is a new addon which just does failbot announcements


  • You should be logging, of course, with /combatlog or install LoggerHead
  • I really like worldoflogs but am more familiar with WWS
  • My opinion and details on world of logs is here
  • WWS logs can also be parsed by threat by Rehfeld’s tool
  • Skada has a very powerful ‘deaths’ feature which is one reason I swapped to it

General awareness

  • ORA2 provides MT/OT along with their targets, lets you check which zone people are in, if they have brought certain items with them (eg. frost resistance ring) and other raid leadership tools. Gives cooldown timers for major skills like Heroism and Battle rez. More tools available when everyone runs it. I also like this addon because I’ve been using ORA since Molten Core days, feels like an old friend
  • Debuff monitoring; see my post on DebuffEnough and others
  • Raid buff checking; see my post on RaidBuffStatus

Read more:

  • on these addons, read this post about a pug KT with void zone deaths
  • on this topic, see articles under the category of raid leadership.

Updated June 12.

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