Loot systems

Loot systems are definitely something I’m going to write more about. Just came across this post about a system I’d never heard of before: Shroud Loot System.

Personally I like EPGP and SK, and for DKP I think QuickDKP is a good implementation.

Loot sytems are an incentive mechanic for leadership; they instituationalise rewards for effort. It’s crucial the guild’s loot system matches their guild ethos. To grossly generalise: casual guilds are usually better with SK (or similar queue-based system), hardcore guilds can work with DKP systems.

Read more on EPGP in my longer post.

Ciderhelm said here, when discussing loot systems:

“Any effective DKP system is built on incentivization. It’s not built on fairness, it’s not built on trust, it’s not built on any ethical or moral principles. Those things can be a part of it, but they aren’t core to what DKP is.”

I totally agree.

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