Raid debuff tracking: addon reviews

Having a raid leader or officer watch the debuffs on a boss can be a good idea. Back in the old days of 40-man raiding, debuff management was even more important that now. I haven’t used a debuff monitoring addon for a while. Now, to move into hard modes, I’d like to improve and monitor our dps so will start using one.

The point is to have an at-a-glance review of which debuffs are missing, more so than what has been applied. This makes it easier to call out.

There only appear to be two actively maintained addons which provide this visibility.


I like how this addon groups by the debuff types rather than the actual debuffs, which helps when more than one class can bring the debuff you need. One-click to report a missing debuff is handy. Of those I found, this is the best for leadership.

DebuffEnough debuff types


This addon has options to only show missing debuffs, amongst other configuration options to help a leader. This also seems a good choice for a class leader who is focused on a subset of overall debuffs.

Auracle showing in red those which are missing

Auracle showing in red those which are missing

Debuff Filter

Requires more configuration than the other two and appears more oriented to a single person’s needs than a raid leader’s needs, but worthy of mention. Could help a class leader or single DPSer.

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