KT in a pug: testing leader addons

I just did a pug of last 3 Naxx-10 bosses on my alt hunter. Took the opportunity to test Debuff Enough, Ensidia Fails, Loggerhead, RaidBuffStatus, Skada and World of Logs.  I can now say confidently, they are all top-notch addons, recommended.

I’ve been using Deadly Boss Mods for a while now (having retired Big Wigs because its GUI annoyed me and it took a lot of CPU even when idle). I continue to be happy with it, and it even told me there’s a new version available (has an Emalon fix).

Debuff Enough: definitely 5/5 for raid leaders

  • reminded me twice, through its visual interface of missing debuffs, that I’d not put Hunters Mark up. Offered that I could put Serpent Sting up. It thought the druid should do demo roar though (but he was a tree), so I’ll report that bug to the developer.  The DK was on OT duty, so he couldn’t reasonably keep Frost Fever up on KT, but of course the addon can’t know that. Settings allow you to ‘turn off verbose mode’ so you get a little red box, mouse-over it, to see the screenshot here.
I could put Scorpid Sting up and the druid could roar

Debuff Enough lets you decide what's missing

Ensidia Fails: 5/5 for leaders

  • Elegant, easy config. Just does its job. Announced when the ret pally hit void zone. What was really useful? He did it once on every attempt; three times at least. You might not see that pattern of behaviour unless you have a mod like this. Assists learning.

Loggerhead: 5/5 for leaders

  • I had a blue screen of death, would you bloody believe it, on one of the attempts. Normally, I’d forget to turn /combatlog back on afterwards. Loggerhead to the rescue. Perfect example of why you need it.

RaidBuffStatus: 5/5 for leaders

  • I really like this tool. For missing buffs, you can click to broadcast to the raid or just whisper the caster. It even understands Pally Power (fantastic!) and can distinguish 40/30 stam foods, optionally allowing the lesser food via configuation.  Hides itself once combat starts (optionally).
  • I was in dps, so didn’t get to test the taunt-failure warnings.

Skada: not mandatory for a leader, depends on how you manage performance.

  • I’m pretty much accustomed to the GUI now. It tracks fails too, and noticed the void zone deaths (doesn’t broadcast them). What really is useful though, I could inspect Deaths, then drill into the DK OT who died, and work out it was because he’d not got any big heals for a while (only HOTs). So, on the spot post-mortem, brilliant. I didn’t sshot that, but here’s the page on WoL showing it.
  • Bonus feature: has a threat meter, which I tested side-by-side with Omen (data reported looks the same, as you’d expect), so will probably replace Omen with Skada to keep down clutter and CPU usage.

World of Logs:

  • I love it. Here’s the WoL for my pug night. Notable features to look for: compare fights, say attempt 3 and the kill on KT here, which assists post-mortem on progression fights; deaths analysis on attempt 2, see the void zone killed Airdragon, click ‘more’ to see why the offtank Terraknight died, here; healing done by Wardragon the Disc priest includes his Holy Shield and frisbee, here. So much more too.

Testing these addons made all the wipes that much more tolerable :) .

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