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Probably warriors know about this tanking spreadsheet at EJ. However as a DK tank, and a former maintankadin, I didn’t. I looked over it, thinking… hmmm I’m a geek maybe I could engineer it for DKs… but the task is too daunting.

The spreadsheet accurately ranks gear by calculating your “time-to-live, burst time-to-live, threat-per-second, and other stats”. It’s quite remarkable.

Oct 27 update: see Kahorie for threat analysis. My simulation posts have been using it for a while now.

Rawr is a fantastic tool which provides theoretically-sound gear analysis and recommendations. It has DK*, protwar, bear and tankadin modules and just released a new version a few days ago. Works for DPS too, but that’s not something I focus on.

Nerd admission: I considered helping that project too, but my programming background is in RDMS systems not C#, so after reviewing the code I decided it’d be too steep a learning curve. That said, I did look over the DK tank code module to see if any obvious DK tank-theory problems jumped out at me (none did); I didn’t check their gear rating formula though.

* The DK module is not completed, they need C# geeks to help finish it, but oddly I couldn’t find what exactly is not working in there.

Nov 18th: the lead developer has provided a guest post for pwnwear.

I can't wait for Rawr to be finished for DKs too, it's powerful

I can't wait for Rawr to be finished for DKs too, it's gear analysis and comparison is pwnage

CharDev is still going too, which is almost an ‘old school’ tool now. I imported my armory to test it briefly. Anyone else remember ctprofiles?


So if I compare some basic stats calculated between Rawr, Chardev and TankPoints, there are differences.

Gravity’s dodge against L83 target (your char screen only shows against L80, remember):

  • TankPoints: 24.47%       <- correct
  • Rawr: 21.61%                  <- presumably related to being unfinished
  • CharDev: 24.8%             <- pretty good!

Armour damage reduction:

  • TankPoints: 61.53%  [uses in-game 26606]   <- correct
  • Rawr: 62.47%  [sees 27691 armour, odd discrepancy]
  • CharDev: doesn’t have it at all !

I noticed Rawr’s displayed ‘miss’ was showing only 4.04%, which excludes the base 5% miss (or 4.4% miss against L83 boss).


Rawr for DKs: be careful and double-check any conclusions you draw.

Rawr for other tanks: I’ve not read of any drastic problems, so it’s your workshop of choice. Warriors also get the EJ spreadsheet.

CharDev: OK for DKs until Rawr is working but you don’t get all the calculations you’d need, so it’s limited simulation.

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