OODA, military theory applied to WoW

For some time, I have used Boyd’s OODA concept as my model for how decision-making works during a fight. It’s observe, orient, decide, act. Boyd was a superb US airforce pilot, one of the best dogfighters of his era and became a leading military theorist.

“… the key to victory is to be able to create situations wherein one can make appropriate decisions more quickly than one’s opponent.”

His work is worth reading more. Wikipedia’s article is a good summary.

How it applies to raid leadership is that you need to think across those four dimensions. The tools we talk about here help you with the Observe and Orient steps, but what you Decide to do and how your raid Acts is another matter.

Often the ‘orient’ step has no real content to it, but a great analogy for why the orient step exists is in PvP; where you can disorient an opponent from so much offense that they freeze and basically can no longer make good decisions. It’s called pressure.

In a raid, usually you only lose the ability to orient if you’re in a panic, which shouldn’t happen much.

A raid leader then observes/orients, watching the raid’s health bars, the players positions, the DBM warnings, the raid DPS meter and using the tools I’ve talked about in earlier posts. Those tools are your extended eyes.

Decision is communicated usually through voice, Act is both you and the raid then executing.

There is so much more to how this applies, OODA is a superb way of breaking-down the elements of success in a fight.

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