EPGP loot system

Loot is a huge topic.

Do not think “I raid, therefore I DKP”.  A loot system is a solution. To take your guild in the direction you intend, firstly define the problem you’re solving: is it to minimise drama, to reward attendence, to help decide who has more right to loot than another? What are the weightings you should apply to the choice of loot system? I value simplicity of admin very highly.

A bad loot system implementation can destroy morale and cause drama.

Some guilds simply don’t need a loot system beyond /roll. Personally, I don’t like /roll. It can work though if you have mature raiders who all know each other and are willing to pass on loot.

But if you’ve worked out that yes, we want a points-based loot system, and you know what kind of behaviour you want to reward, then one great option is EPGP.

EPGP features I really like:

  • each raiders’ points are stored in-game Officers’ notes
    • benefit: there is no external mucking around, and easy in-game visibility of your score. Optional website backup is available.
    • you don’t need to use an external website to start/stop a raid
  • crucially it can be tuned through many levers such as: on-time attendence, boss kills, how many minutes you’re in the raid, bonus for staying to the end, bonus for progression nights, decay of points and discounts for off-spec/alts, etc
    • these configuration settings are typed in the Guild Info panel within the game
    • tuning means EPGP can work for hardcore and casual guilds, so you don’t need to use /roll
  • automatically assigns point values to gear using a sensible algorithm
  • includes a brilliant looting/bidding addon which will speed-up loot decisions, saving time

Learn more:

Update July 14: found this article on EPGP which is very informative.

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