Raid calendar management

Two key topics here:

(1) have a defined raid schedule

(2) make it easy for people to sign up and be invited.

Defined raid schedule

Setting the day of week and time for a raid is basic, so here are a few less-obvious tips:

  • your raid start time can be a differentiator against other guilds. For example, many older gamers prefer an 8pm start and a prompt finish around 1130pm.
  • timeliness, first pull time and the pace of the run itself are cultural factors. This is set top-down by GM and Officers. Check your recruitment ads all the way through to your actual execution on the night are consistent. Don’t say one thing and do another.
  • people often sign up at the last minute when their personal schedule changes. Invite these people last, so that the more organised members get priority. This helps progression as the regulars do not need to learn as many fights
  • Ciderhelm has done a few podcasts on speed and efficiency and time management which are worth listening to.

Raid schedule tools

My guild uses Guild Event Manager 3:

It works fine, but has a few niggly issues: slows down my logout time, its UI sometimes takes some clicking to subscribe to an event and uses uncommon words like ‘titular‘.

Nice features: lets me mouse-over tank/healer/dps sign ups, highlighting which of them are online.

GEM3 showing my 'not coming' to next weeks raid :(

GEM3 showing my 'not coming' to next weeks raid :(

Alternatively, try Group Calendar 5:

On TankSpot, the poster Guede tested the newly released Group Calendar 5 which has the very powerful benefit of using the in-game blizzard calendar too. It was Guede’s post that drew my attention.

This means lazy people who don’t get the addon can still see events and sign up. Sounds great for less organised guilds or those running cross-guild alliances.

Big benefit: the Armory web-based calendar displays your events too!

It even exports to an icalendar file for your PC-based diary.

Integration with in-game calendar and therefore Armory is awesome

Integration with in-game calendar and therefore Armory is awesome

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