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Teza, who set up worldofraids, with his colleague Csulok, have a new site. Teza told me WoR was founded back when Naxx40 was on PTR. Makes me feel old in a wierd way. WoR was my daily news source for a long time, but this week I removed its bookmark and replaced it with I always liked how Teza was available, just like another raider who did wowjournalism, and this new site is his too rather than part of a corporation. Somehow that feels more personal.

What’s really innovative about though is its recruitment tool.

Leaders can advertise their guild’s recruitment status and raiders can search for a new guild to join.

Wowraid has changed guild recruitment like wowhead one-shotted thottbot; it’s a database-driven search.

Here’s an example: I searched for a 25-man Alliance guild, who raids 3 nights a week, in English EU realms. This is so much easier than trawling through forums. It has filters like wowhead’s search.

results of a recruitment search on

results of a recruitment search on

wowraid will also search for guilds who need you based on your website profile; just sign up. It has an intelligent blue-tracker too, which can be used for quotes without any wowraid branding on your site.

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