More raiding nights?

Blizzard news about the next tier of raiding content, with five bosses, coming in 3.2 includes an important change.

There will be four different versions: 10-player, 25-player, 10-player Heroic, and 25-player Heroic, with each one using a separate lockout.

Significance to raid leaders:

  • you can schedule a 25-man loot raid, get saved to a raid ID
  • and also schedule a 25-man heroic raid, in a separate ID
  • plus a 10-man heroic for boss-encounter practice and loot.

Only five bosses, so maybe that’s not a problem, but does it mean a progression guild will require more raid nights or time?

Next question then, will there also be achievement-style ‘hard modes’ for the encounters, like Hodir or Kologarn? I particularly mean different ways of doing the encounter, rather than the boss simply hitting harder like XT002.

Blue post here.

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