Emblem changes: explained

Currently in 3.1

  • Ulduar 25 gives Conquest Emblem
  • Naxx 25 and Ulduar 10 gives Valor Emblem
  • Naxx 10 and 5-man heroics give Heroism Emblem

Change in 3.2

  • Naxx 25 & 10, and Heroic 5-mans will give Conquest Emblem

Significance:  (1) by doing 5-mans and low-tier raids, in 3.2 you will be able to buy badge-gear that previously only Ulduar-25 man raiders could access, (2) and get them very fast by running raids you might otherwise have ignored, (3) with no loot drama (everyone gets badges from a boss)

  • New raid Coliseum has new tier armour and weapons, and drops new Triumph Emblem
  • Heroic 5-man daily quest will reward 2x Triumph Emblem, and daily dungeon will reward 1x Triumph

Significance: 5-man dungeons will reward tokens such that anyone can (eventually) get the highest tier badge-reward gear

  • We presume the bosses themselves in a heroic 5-man will only drop Conquest Emblem (it’s only the heroic dailyquest reward giving Triumph)

The end goal of all these changes is help minimize the growing gear gap that is causing a lot of frustration for players trying to experience the latest content as well as encourage players to continue running the dungeons that were previously released.  - Bornakk

So what gear can this get me? Here’s the list. Belt, gloves, chest, head, legs, necklace and runed orb (make some money too). Short-cut to gear for more casual raiders, a great idea.

Thanks Csulok for helping me get my head around this. For simplicity, I didn’t type out that Ulduar-10 ‘hard modes’ currently give Conquest Emblems.

Read Blizzard post.

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2 comments to Emblem changes: explained

  • I must say im not sure I totally approve of this change. Pre-TBC, gearing was a nightmare, so i never bothered. TBC it had been vastly improved with the implementation of heroics but there was still a bit of a gap sometimes getting from heroics into kara. WOTLK had nailed it for me, you got heroics and easy rep grinding, easy raids like OS and an entry level into naxx10 which isnt that difficult to get to.

    This just seems too far, basically handing people T8 stuff for less effort. Im all for blizz making things easier most of the time, but this seems overkill.

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    The problem it does solve though, is allowing people some method to get into Coliseum eventually without having to farm Ulduar for two months. Let’s raiders see the content.
    If you really think about it, probably one of the reasons people aren’t comfortable with this change is that the tier loot has a prestige factor; it feels good to know you earned it. But… pride shouldn’t stop other people from getting in there and enjoying the new content too. That’d be no fun!

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