Naxx strat guide: hidden gem on wowraid

I just told Teza he needs to profile these guides more.

wowraid has really good strat guides for Naxx. Sure, it might be old-hat for some people but if you need them, instead of wowwiki or stratfu guides, you should check these out.

This is hidden gem, the content is excellent. It’s quality is assisted by a little community of hardcore raiders who like helping out and hang out in #wowraid, plus who edit guides like this. (Example, I was chatting to a guy formerly from Death and Taxes the other day.)

The highlights of these guides:

  • visuals for each boss, to help match a face to a name
  • daigrams! Positioning diagrams, I have been harping about how few guides have these anymore. Visuals really help the understanding of a strat
  • includes all loot organised by tier and boss, with wowhead tooltips
  • link to the key related achievement for each boss
  • summary of the key take-aways. The TLDR version. You can just read these out on voice comm. Brilliant.

Here’s the top content page for Naxx on

Example summaries

Below are a few examples of their summaries and a diagram. Look how punchy and simple they are. So handy.

These are really helpful, because they are the kind of one-liners you need to give as reminders to a raid team over voice comm, which I talked about yesterday.

Noth the Plaguebringer

Phase 1:

Phase 2:

  • Noth teleports and becomes invulnerable
  • Pick up and kill all the adds


  • Spread out, but stay on the same side of the room
  • Decurse¬†Life Drain
  • Move out of the Blizzard
  • When Sapphiron flies up in the air, hide behind players in iceblocks

Four Horsemen diagram

Four-horseman diagram from the wowraid strat guide

Four-horseman diagram from the wowraid strat guide

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