Lots of 5-mans to tank

Improved LFG interface

I like 5-man heroics.

I like trying to do them as quick as possible and enjoy a bit of good old fashioned AOE tanking. With 3.2, everyone will be doing heroics, intensely. Once their main is all badged up (one or two months), then their alts will do the same. We tanks will have lots of opportunity to give some smackdown. Personally, I’ll be tanking anything I can for badges, even Heroic Oculus (the mounts get iLevel boost now, so it won’t suck as much).

To help this frenzy, I noticed on PTR this morning a nice feature we’re getting: LF any heroic.

LFG: any heroic

LFG: any heroic

Emblem-farming heroic tank spec

To enjoy my upcoming hobby of emblem collecting, I’m going to need a proper AOE tank spec. Many DKs on Live are deploying Blood tanking for its self-healing, large HP, fantastic Vampiric Blood for healer throughput and Will of the Necropolis for close calls. It’s even got raid utility and great single-target TPS.

I’m currently Blood tank (with no talents in AOE) and 2nd spec is Unholy DPS.

Blood tank AOE is really weak, and basically I would never do heroics in it. I know it’s possible, but the alternative tank trees are just so much better in heroics, it is crazy to inflict a torturous tanking experience on yourself.

Over at Deathknight.info we’re having lots of conversations about 3.2 and whether any new specs have become viable, and what changes we might make, if any.

I’m thinking I’ll go Frost tanking, even though its big tank cooldown, Unbreakable Armour, is the worst in the three trees.

DKs will have less HP

Because of the changes to Frost Presence and to Vo3W, Blood tanks will have less HP than on Live now. For me, it’s 2K less HP, if I stay Blood tank.¬†Another dk.info regular is losing 2.5K HP.

Significance: this might mean the DK tanks in your guild will consider respecing because its overpoweredness is no longer so great, and they will want to run heroics with a grin and not grimace.

Here’s one of my fears…

People use HP as the test for PUG tanks

People use HP as the test for PUG tanks

I will only have 31.5K HP in Frost when 3.2 is live. I wonder how that’ll play out for PUGs. Maybe I’ll need to do the old-school trick of stamina trinkets just for the PUG-test.

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7 comments to Lots of 5-mans to tank

  • Brtt

    Any reason you’re not considering UH ?

    On a sidenote, has they reverted the LFG tool back to its former glory (AKA, seeing groups already being made rather than only people looking for a group) ?

    If not, I guess it would be nice to remind them.

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    I love unholy tanking, but its lack of snap agro combined with the loss Unholy Blight AOE, makes me think Frost will simply be easier for Heroics. I don’t like using DnD as my main AOE because of the complicated rune-cooldown management it requires after the first rotation.

    I even tested with a spec of Unholy (for bone shield) with Frigid Dreadplate, but it’s threat is too weak.

    I’m fairly sure LFM has both ‘look for individuals’ and ‘look for groups’. Will double-check and edit this comment if I’m wrong.

    Update: just respec’d Frost on Live to see how I feel about it.

  • When ive been PUG tanking I have to say that groups judging me (especially healers) on my HP is very annoying. In heroics it shouldnt matter IMO. A healer who refuses to be in a group with a tank they consider to have low HP is basically admitting their own inability to perform.

  • Only having 31.5k health is still way above the 23-24k most of us started with when we stepped into our first heroics pre-Naxx.

    But agreed, most people, especially healers should show as much, if not more so, interest in whether you’ve hit the 102.4% avoidance soft target. Yes, crushing blows are no longer a concern, but it’s still a very good thing to achieve complete avoidance+mitigation.

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    Actually Aleo, it’s only block tanks that can get to 102.4%. DKs can’t.

    So DKs just need the 540 def and then loads of stamina. I have about 55% avoidance or thereabouts. So all the normal ‘hits’ we take just get reduced by DK armour, blade barrier (5% reduction) and frost presence (5%), plus any tree-specific talents you might have.

    By the way, this thread is interesting on the increasing value of avoidance.

    Does make it hard to give healers a benchmark for a DK, they can’t ask us for 102.4% but maybe should look for 30K HP and 50% avoidance. That’s a well-geared tank and easy to remember.

  • Brtt

    Gravity, did you manage to check how the LFM tool works on PTR ?

    It’s really annoying not to be able to see groups… can’t even remember which patch “brought” (or broke) that :/

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    Yeah I did check, and it is working. Like you can LFM for ‘individuals’ or ‘groups’ and both show results.

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