Ulduar 10 and 25 differences

What are the essential differences you need to know about when going from 10 to 25 man Ulduar? Here are the changes. This does not explain hard modes, except on a few.

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I assume you have watched TankSpot videos and read strategy guides, so this does not cover those basics.

In the 25-man column I’ll describe if the ability or your strategy needs to change. If something simply hits harder, I’ll still say ‘no change’. Bosses do more damage and have more HP, which I don’t list either.

My thanks to the readers who helped polish it during its development (below, plus on worldofraids and dk.info).

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13 comments to Ulduar 10 and 25 differences: full guide

  • Daimyo

    One of the biggest changes I noticed between 10 and 25 man Uld was the Thorim fight. Thorim himself doesnt change all that much it’s the tunnel/arena phase. You mention CCing if having trouble, I would say that especially while learning the CC is a must. Being knocked down with 2 guardians can pretty much equal a dead tank. It’s enough damage that you really want to have the only melee in there being the tank.

    We generally use a Warrior tank in the tunnel then our DK and Pally in the arena and then either a feral druid or dps warr will offspec and grab the champions to keep the whirl out of the group.