Mimiron 10

Note: I’ve updated my 10 and 25-man guide post too, nearly finished now.

Last night I got to see, and kill on the 12th attempt, Mimiron 10-man. It gave me some thoughts on performance improvement.

The guild has had him down before but I missed those nights. Notably our win, the final attempt before we’d have called it a night anyhow, included a change to using a shadow priest rather than warlock on the Aerial ranged-tank phase, suggested by a new but quite experienced guildie.

Why it’s tough

Now this is a fight that really shows the situational awareness and reaction time of your raid.

We had a few people who just weren’t moving fast enough, and died, even if they knew the one-shot ability was coming (our GM and RL would call out ‘spin up is coming’ and ‘get behind the guns’ on the phase where you simply died if the guns were pointing at you), and even if they’d seen it on the previous wipes (so they weren’t learning it visually or kinetically anymore).

Pretty frustrating.

I made a few mistakes too. The big error was discovering you cannot run through Leviathan (to turn him around) when running from his one-shot AOE. I stupidly did that a second time, probably because of anxiety preventing me being clear-headed. I also made a few smaller mistakes too, not fatal.

Why you die

I suspect some of the fatal mistakes people make on Mimiron, even when they know the fight, are because of:

  • poor UI design, so they have too far to move their eyes from action bars to game field and all over the place, in order to watch for visual cues on the one-shot abilities which in turn reduces their reaction time
  • needing to watch their action bars in the first place, rather than the game field, because (a) their UI doesn’t have the key information in the right spot, (b) they do not have muscle memory of commands, (c) no heads-up power aura for longer cooldown abilities
  • not planning an exit path from mine field in advance of needing to use it. A few times I would pan my camera to look down from ceiling so I could move instantly with right & left mouse click when I needed to run through a messy mine layout
  • getting tunnel-vision in the moment and losing the perspective required for avoiding the rockets, mine field, kill-you rapid gun shots or AOE blast
  • getting flustered and anxious due to the pressure and regularly changing rhythm of the fight (like having your OODA loop interrupted).

In closing

These are all areas that can be improved on, which is good; they’re not “you fail at life” kinds of problems. I wonder what else causes deaths here, if you take a behavioural view and try to identify root case. I couldn’t think of any others, if you exclude poor latency or gaming hardware.

One thing I couldn’t work out as the main tank, was if there is an optimal strategy to organise the mine field so my melee don’t get hit by those hiding under Leviathan’s ass, when they run back in from the one-shot AOE. Any ideas?

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2 comments to Mimiron 10

  • Juzaba

    Sorry to necrothread an old post, but I was just linked to the blog by Kadomi. Nice stuff, btw. I’m really enjoying the archives.

    A few weeks ago I was also in on my first Mimiron 10 kill (and it took us a few tries despite having downed him before – lots of new folks, I believe). I remember one of our better MDPSers noting that he tries to give the tank some time to pull Mimiron back into the center of the mines before entering the field himself. None of the phases are really a DPS race, so you can afford to hang out a little bit to make sure it’s safe before charging back in.

    Our issue was coordinating tank CDs for the plasma blasts in P1. We had only a single tank healer dealing with the Plasma, so we had to coordinate CDs, and it took a few tries to get it to work right.

    However, this is about 3 weeks old. So here’s hoping that you all have figured it out!

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    Thanks for posting, and no worries about the ‘older’ post. It’s still useful!
    We used TS2 to coordinate the priest/tank cooldowns, and had a pre-agreed rotation between us. First wipe was probably not having enough of them up :) .

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