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If fellow tanks haven’t seen this TankSpot article on the 3.2 avoidance changes yet, it includes the new ratio for optimal avoidance and is worth a look. Has some impressive maths in it too :) .

I tried to summarise in a thread at tankspot and have retyped it below.

For patch 3.3, see this discussion on the -20% aura. The below remains accurate even in 3.3.

What to do in 3.2

The tldr version is this:

  • get the post-diminishing returns percentages from the char sheet
  • reduce them by 5% dodge (talents), paladin/warrior 5% parry, and 3% or 4% (runeforges), then
  • use these figures, and aim for a ratio of dodge % : parry % of 1.875:1
  • also try to keep defence rating around the optimal steps of below.

Optimal defence steps, have the least wasted rating to skill conversion:

748,753, 787,792,797,802,807,

For DKs, because of our strength-> parry, this ratio means we will never want to gem for parry and should be aware of its lower value to us on gear.

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Jewelcrafter tip

By the way, JCs, did you know this was stealthily added to the game recently? It was in wowhead as a phantom for ages, but is in live WoW now.

Nice alternative to Regal for a red slot: subtle scarlet ruby, 16 dodge gem.

New gem, on the last page of JC vendor

New gem, on the last page of JC vendor

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