Boss tanking in 3.2, any spec bias?

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Spec bias

I wonder if the new no-trash bosses and encounter design in the Coliseum will give a bias to any particular tank class or sub-spec.

Personally if I don’t have to worry about spawns or AOE, then I’d spec a blood DK. I know we won’t have trash in there, at least.

On the other hand, I need to farm heroics, so will want serious AOE power, which is frost DK.

Then because my 2nd spec is for PvP at the moment (so I can get the Furious weapon, for tanking), I may well be forced to having a general-purpose tank spec (Frost) along with my dps/pvp 2nd spec. I’d love two tank specs if I could.

My guild’s now on 25-mans, so once I’m done with PvP perhaps two tank specs will be an option finally, since I shouldn’t need to dps at all.

worldofraids have a nice overview of the new bosses we’re facing. Looking over their abilities, I see Jaraxxus and Anub’arak do some spawning, which is only two of the five bosses; maybe we won’t need serious AOE tanking here. I see a mix of magic and melee, so there’s no bias for a DK to Unholy spec for anti-magic (like the old Unholy Vot3W spec used for Sarth 3d).

I wonder.

ps. grats to the warriors amongst us for improved Devastate on PTR!

Ulduar 10 and 25 differences

I’ve finished updating my guide to the differences between 10 and 25-man bosses in Ulduar.

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