Violet Hold heroic: ugly bosses

You’ll be doing VH heroic a lot in 3.2. There are two bosses people have trouble with:

Xevozz requires continual kiting. Here’s the path you should take. You go back and forth all the way from one side to the other. With 2.5K+ dpsers, you should only need 1 to 1.5 rounds.

Violet Hold kiting path for Xevozz

Violet Hold kiting path for Xevozz

Zurmat, void boss, requires you know about two things:

  • he lets one person in the party see targettable void spawns, and only them, so they must kill the little suckers even if it’s the tank. Use /tar Void Sentry
    • defense crystals in the room may also be used to deal with them (the little levers in the room which kill spawns for you)
  • the Shroud of Darkness buff he puts on himself is bad, can be dispelled/purged and should be, or everyone has to stop attacking until it’s gone (5 seconds)

Lastly, some people also hateĀ Ichoron, the water elemental, but it’s not too bad, just messy. Use the levers around the room to kill the baby elementals, or if you’re attacking them try to do it from ranged.

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9 comments to Violet Hold heroic: ugly bosses

  • I would also advise healers to try and stay ahead of the kite so you dont get LoS problems. Probably the same for all ranged people tbh.

  • Nice diagram. Thankees.

    (Is here ’cause Kadomi over at Tank and Spank Like A Girl recommended. Were a good call)

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    Welcome! Hope it saves someone a wipe or two.

  • It’s worth noting for all you warrior tanks out there that the Void Sentry attacks can be spell reflected and (last time I checked) DO NOT CONSUME THE SPELL REFLECT BUFF. If you keep reflect up as often as you can the Void Sentries will pretty much kill themselves and you can focus on the boss.

    Not sure if this has been fixed or otherwise changed, but to start with I would recommend that the warrior tank just focusses on the boss while keeping reflect up and ignore the adds.

  • helxen

    Why the hell could anyone run VH in 3.2 alot? Did I miss anything?

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    Because all Heroics will drop the Conquest Emblems, and VH is conveniently located.

  • logtar
    Twitter: logtar

    First of all, excellent diagram. A couple of tips on Ethereal boss Xevozz.

    Your starting tank position should actually be the position of the ranged people when it starts. All mele and tank should start a little in front of the stairs where he becomes active after spawing. This will give you about 30 seconds of “free” DPS before you start kitting.

    The other one is that there are switches available on the kiting path and unless you are going for the achievement, using them makes this fight easier… also if you have low DPS it makes the fight survivable.

    Great post.

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    Thanks mate, and also for the tips on positioning.

  • Michael

    For Xevozz if you have a shaman they can drop their fire elemental to tie up the 2 orbs that he drops. This should give you enough time now to nuke the boss down after you get him out of line of sight of the orbs.

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