I hate errors like this. Error 132 and a bunch of meaningless codes.

So annoying and time wasting. Crashed during Ulduar 25 and server took nearly 10 minutes to realise I was gone, to allow me back in. Going to investigate and google this now; initial reports are it relates to memory.

You’d think a new beast PC like mine wouldn’t have such problems develop.

One thing I loved about the old Mac I had; very stable.

Thing I love about the PC, and reason I bought it: super duper, mega fast and high FPS… but I get ZERO bloody FPS when WoW is crashed!

error 13

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  • You should definitely check your computer’s RAM, I had that issue bugging me for a very long time. I had to switch one of the memory sticks and re-install wow to get rid of it.

    That worked for me, but it could be some other problem you have. Tip: Use an ubuntu livecd or any other bootable OS that comes with a memory diagnostic software.

    Good luck!

  • Are you running 64 bit windows perchance? If so, are you running the addon “Chatter”?

    I know that’s a long shot, but I had similar crashes when I upgraded from WinXP to Win7-64 that I couldn’t explain. I disabled addons one by one (took hours) and finally narrowed it down to that one addon, even though I’d been running it for ages and it never caused issues on XP.

    Check your memory itself using memtest86 – get a bootable ISO image to burn at

    So long as the memory is physically OK, you should try to eliminate addons one by one, but that’s only useful if you can force the problem to occur. In my case, I could provoke it by reloading my UI.

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    Thanks! Geez, I’d hope it’d not be physical memory on a new, clean, cooled PC. Downloading that memory tester now just in case.

    I don’t use Chatter but do use BasicChatMods, perhaps they effect a similar part of the UI. I’ll disable it just in case. I’m on 64-bit Vista, yes.

    How horrendous is the possibility that an addon could cause a WoW crash!
    They should run in a protected memory space or something.

    Update: it passed the memory test, so will now see if it occurs anymore with that addon disabled. Will also double-check my Vista drivers are up-to-date (they were 4 weeks ago).

  • Digg

    Its probably just a one-off Grav, stop crapping yourself ;-)

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    No, happened three times recently, which is why I’m trying to fix the damn thing. Always seems to happen at the worst times, too; whilst raiding!

  • RJK

    This has been happening to me alot more lately. I recently installed Elephant, a chat monitoring addon…I wonder if that is causing it.

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