Three-day transfers change recruitment forever

This is really big news for top 250 raiding guilds, but it will help everyone.

I was interviewing the leaders of 120-world ranked guild Semper Fildelis last night. We got to talking about recruitment, whilst topically today Blizzard announced the realm transfer cooldown is now only three-days; down from 30.

Think about this.

If you had wanted to join a hardcore guild on another server, you would apply, get accepted, transfer your character, then trial.

What if you don’t pass the trial? Previously, you’d have been stuck on their server for the next month. Now you just transfer back, just three days later.

The old 30-day cooldown meant players were reluctant to transfer to realms which did not have a few top guilds. This acted like a barrier to entry, as a huge risk to the player, and would have dampened applications to guilds who are on quiet realms. Semper Fidelis are the #1 ranked guild on their realm, but the #2 is way behind their progression. We chatted about this and agreed it should help boost applications. Until this Blizzard change, players would look for realms with lots of strong guilds so if they fall out of one guild they can move to another guild without swapping realms. But no longer will that be a problem.

This change should mean we will see a greater dispersion of applicants to top 250 guilds across all realms; a great boon for recruitment.

I think we will also see more people in general trying to upgrade their guild, because the risk is so much lower than before. You can’t get stranded.

Interviews coming

Look for my Semper Fidelis interview over the next fortnight; thanks to the guys for making time.

Also coming up soon: interviews with USA guilds Vanquish and Spike Flail, plus a surprise with an older famous guild.

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3 comments to Three-day transfers change recruitment forever

  • dozenz

    The first thought that came into my head was that gold buying becomes a more attractive option.

    I remember checking gold prices when I came started WoW again beginning of the year (after taking BC off), not knowing how easy it would be to make gold. On older servers, like where I started on gold was real cheap (1k gold for $15). On a newer server, where I transferred, gold prices are quadruple (1k gold is now $45).

    Buying gold was definately not an option as it was too expensive, and if I transferred back to buy gold I’d have to wait 30 days before I can transfer back. 3 day transfer means people can move to a cheap serer, buy gold, then move back.

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    Hmm I hadn’t thought of that. I wouldn’t buy gold, ever, since the gold is usually made from vendoring epics of stolen accounts. Horrible bastards.
    But I wonder what, if any, effect this would have. It wouldn’t effect supply since I imagine Blizzard have it locked down to prevent the farmers themselves moving gold around (and probably, the transfer fee makes it unprofitable), but perhaps it would change demand by people moving their own characters around.
    Then again, the simplest of artificial intelligence /pattern matching tools would identify a character who had transferred, gained 10k gold suddenly, and moved back, and flag them as suspicious. You’d probably get found out instantly.
    To be honest, I think that’s good.
    Farmers stealing peoples accounts are scum.

  • dozenz

    You think that’s where the gold comes from? I remember a gold farmer on our server (Bradley) who would spend all his game time (24/7) in Buring Steppes skinning and killing and selling world drops. I can;t imagine them AH watching to make gold, but they must have done something to be able to sell the quanitities that they do.

    My friend bought gold for him and his brothers as we all strarted up and they were johnny on the spot with delivering 10k gold in no time.

    I wonder what it is they do.

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