Hiya Whitetooth, TankPoints on 3.2?

Aug 18: TankPoints r108 released (it includes the new 3.2 RatingBuster maths so it will calculate avoidance correctly), but not pushed with correct TOC yet. Just edit the TOC yourself, this is safe. I tested it, works with 3.2.

Update Aug 17: Whitetooth’s released an updated RatingBuster which means TankPoints is getting closer. They share a statistics library.

Update Aug 10: I got a PM from Whitetooth, he is working on the new version. Says it’ll be ready ‘soon’.

Original post:

I’ve emailed Whitetooth twice now, author of Tankpoints. We’re corresponded in the past because I wrote the user guide. He hasn’t replied yet, and nor have the tickets on wowace been accepted (I found a bug that Frigid Dreadplate is not being added in the to-miss calculation).

In 3.2, the avoidance mechanics change and so he has to update Tankpoints or we can’t use it anymore. I haven’t seen a beta version to test on the PTR.

In contrast, TankTotals has been updated a few times recently and looks like the author is ready for 3.2. So what are the differences?

TankTotals does not have a calculator like TankPoints does though (something I use a lot). It has got less features, but it does the job it sets out to do. Bonus: it has taunt-fail announcement and understands Ardent Defender and Will of the Necropolis.

So, in case Whitetooth has gone AFK, you might install TankTotals.

What avoidance to gem for in 3.2?

See this post of mine. It gives the new ratio for avoidance gemming/gear.

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Also, nerdy stuff below.

Curiously there is a discrepancy in the avoidance reported by both addons, even if you account for the known bug in TankPoints, I can’t work out why.

For me, TankPoints shows 55.28% avoidance (the inverse of 44.72%), and TankTotals shows 57.30%. I’d expect a 3% gap because of Dreadplate not being in TankPoints, but the gap is less. Both are -vs- L83 bosses. Odd.

Update 12 Aug: Reynard, author, found the discrepancy and will patch. See comments below.

Showing different results on my avoidance?

Showing different results on my avoidance?

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