Storm Tempered Keeper positioning

The two Keepers outside Thorim’s area (ie. arena/gauntlet boss) can be positioned like shown below. This gives you more time to kill the Sphere they pass to each other.

Healers have good line-of-sight to both tanks by standing on the edge of the steps.

The tank on the lower platform needs to stand on the position shown to remain in range and not have them gain the +damage anxiety buff.

We didn’t try this on the platform they start at, instead I moved mine all the way back to the previous platform, just to eliminate the risk of accidentally pulling the two guys patrolling Thorim’s corridor.

Positioning the Storm Tempered Keeper near Thorim

Positioning the Storm Tempered Keeper near Thorim. Click for high-res with no annotation.

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6 comments to Storm Tempered Keeper positioning

  • Brtt

    My guild usually do it with one at tank1 on your screenshot, and the other up the stairs.

    About the kill, it seems many people don’t get how the Summoned Spheres work, moreso melees.
    For those not sure about the “tactics” here: both keepers need to be killed about at the same time (can’t remember how many seconds exactly… probably something like 10 or 15).
    The idea is to start on one keeper, and once a Sphere is summoned, you have to move to get it and follow it.
    That means that if it was summoned by the keeper you were on, fine, just follow it; if it was summoned by the other keeper, go for it (the sphere, not the keeper) and kill/follow it.
    “Following” the sphere means you kill it and move along with it, because the next sphere will be summoned by the keeper that was meant to receive the one you killed.
    TL;DR: kill the sphere and attack the keeper that should have received it.

  • lostforever

    What raid frames are you using please? They look kind of nice :)

  • 10 man? Just tank them in the same spot, ignore the spheres and dps them both so they die at the same time.
    Just try it. ;)

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    @Lost: It’s oUF Caellian, very good frames. Only has one shortfall at the moment, you can’t see debuffs on your focus. Very fast frames, coded for speed. They’re not configurable though. Require the oUF framework to use, and Caellian is just one of many ‘skins’ you can use.

    @Brtt: yah, the ‘football’ he passes is a great way for your melee to move from one to the other too without any loss of dps, so to speak.

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    Lol Indraani you would say that. :D
    If Numen is on 10-man, you’re so ridiculously over-gearing the content, right? But maybe the burn technique would work at lower gear levels too.
    ps. I like your blog too mate.

  • Well, to be honest Gravity, we just tried it on our last 10man and it worked. We had a melee heavy group, with core raiders, so gear was pretty much “above average”.
    ps. Ty :)

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