3.2 woohoo fun

I bet we all had a great day today. I got on for just a few hours.

Respec’d into Unholy tank, not sure how to do my PvP spec yet. Mailed off gems for transmuting, prospected some titanium, got one epic gem, ran HoS heroic daily. Bought several tanking epic recipes. Wrote guild post so no-one else doubles-up on them.

conquest in heroics

Used those emblems to get new i226 belt, fixed a buckle, will put epic gem in it tomorrow when transmutes come back. Put Deadly Ametrine on the AH, see if it sells.

Bought chest heirloom. My alt now has 5 heirlooms. I hate levelling, so this will help.

Guildie shaman friend Poolfoxie was loving his new healing skills, and was on his sixth heroic of the night when I was logging off. He told me he couldn’t stop grinning.

A fellow guild MT Keryth did a 4k devastate crit, or something insane like that. He was happy too, plus being a companion pet collector was delighted. Had two new pets I think.

What did you guys get up to? Our guild chat was buzzing with excitement.

Polarity, priest alt

ps. this is the last week of school holidays, so my kids will soon be back to routine and so will I. Some great interviews waiting to be finished this week!

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