Addon UI recommendation site: Vranx

A few times I’ve come across this site Vranx, most recently when looking for a replacement for Elkano Buffbars (I’m speculating  it’s causing this horrible drop to like 5 FPS I get in a few situations like Razorscale and Mimiron).

What I like is it has a categorisation of addons and set of recommendations within each.

You can save a lot of time by starting your search at Vranx, rather than google/curse/wowinterface. It’ll give you a short-list.

3.2: it includes whether addons have been updated for 3.2

Unit frames: Shadowed, Pitbull 4 and Caellian

Whilst there, I found Shadowed, a very interesting unitframes which I’m testing now. Easy-to-use configuration, which is really important when you’re switching since it can be time-consuming. (Have you seen how crazy-hard Pitbull 4 is to set up? Apparently it’s easier than 3 was, but man it’s massive. I installed and spent a few minutes configuring before giving up; I didn’t want to invest time learning how to setup unitframes.)

Shadowed doesn’t look as polished out-of-the-box as my current, beautiful, oUF Caellian does, but… Caellian is missing arena frames and focus-target debuffs. I could fix those problems with other addons, but I thought I might see if I can find an all-in-one which also replaces Elkano, and Shadowed does so far!  It’s debuff/buff filtering system is excellent.

I’ll report back after more testing.

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2 comments to Addon UI recommendation site: Vranx

  • Kadomi
    Twitter: Kadomi

    Vranx’ site is fantastic, I always go there when I am looking for a general overview of neat stuff.

    I hear great stuff about Shadowed, but I really like my current setup of ouf_caellian, and I don’t need arena frames. However, I always give just about every unit frame a quick spin, so I might try them. :)

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    Caellian is lovely, isn’t it.
    The catch is, I often have the other tank as /focus, so I can watch for Unbalancing Strike or the Fuse Armour debuff. I could use Quartz or similar to watch my focus debuff.
    However I don’t want more addons, I want less, so if a new unitframe can do everything (even if its a bit less attractive), then I’d prefer that.

    Recently, I’ve had this awful problem with my FPS just dropping to like 5 and completely stuffing me up. The other night in Mimiron I died because I just couldn’t move, the game had become so unresponsive. It’s only on certain phases of each fight too, not the whole time.

    A poster on Curse suggested Elkano is stuffing their FPS, so I want to isolate it and see if that’s my cause also. Shadowed might be the answer… we’ll see.

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