Dominos and Bartender

Action-bar customisation addons

I just switched to Dominos from Bartender. What really surprised me is it only took about five minutes to reconfigure. I had been worried.

It was fast because they seem to use the built-in action bars in a similar way, so the spell-assignments were all transferred. All I had to do was position them where I wanted and disable a few which I don’t use (empty ones). Nearly all the keybindings had remained too, so just a few needed to be re-done. Dominos uses the same /kb interface for bindings as Bartender, so that was easy.

The change was so much smoother than I’d anticipated.

Dominos has a very easy-to-use configuration, and it seems to show the Blizzard vehicle UI (didn’t know there was one!) when I had a siege engine in Wintergrasp, whereas Bartender disabled it.

Other news

I’m now blogging for front page too.

This is a good article on the demise of Warhammer, thanks to Solommo for the link.

Horrendous FPS issue

Update Aug 18: I’m swapping things around to isolate a horrible FPS issue that only happens in certain raid situations, Razorscale AOE with the blue flames and Kologarn eye-beam phase. After those, the FPS goes back up. It will drop to 2 FPS and I basically can’t do anything, it’s like the game’s stalled.

I managed to get a good screenshot last night of a strange graphic effect, which comes up AFTER the Razorscale fight has screwed my FPS to zero. Look at the red glow. Note I’m not even in combat any more, it’s after the fight.

The other shot is in-fight, showing the 2 FPS I was getting. Many addons were disabled already.

Normally I’m running 60- 200 FPS depending on the area, and run around Dalaran in ultra mode if I want to.

My hardware is way overkill for WoW, so it’s not that (Intel® Core™ i7 920 @ 2.66GHz, overclocked to 3.1 or so, 6GB DDR3 RAM, MSI X58 motherboard, ATI Radeon HD 4870 512MB, liquid-cooled CPU).

Screenshots here for those curious or able to give tips, plus see comments below. Click for high-res.

After the fight's finished, after my game stalled to 1 FPS, red glow remains

After the fight's finished, after my game stalled to 1 FPS, red glow remains

In-game drop to 2 FPS

In-game drop to 2 FPS

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