Simulation on Frost Death Knight tank TPS

Nov 17th 09: Please see my 3.3 Frost DK tank post for latest answers.

There is a DK simulator which I’ve been using to test the various DK tank specs. But it’s a DPS tool, so it has some limitations for my purposes.

Nevertheless it helps answer questions like, “how much does your rotation TPS drop if you use a single-disease with howling blast rather than two-disease with obliterate?” ┬áThe answer is below.

Other tank classes’ simulation tools

My apologies to warrior/bear/paladin readers for whom this post is not relevant.

However, you do have some good tools at your disposal:

  • Rawr for all classes, but particularly refined for druids
  • Prot warriors had Taliafers but it hasn’t been updated since May
  • Landsoul’s calculator could be adapted to prot.

If any readers know of some I missed, let me know.

Frost tank Death Knight simulation

Updated Nov 17th 2009:

Question: how much loss of TPS does the HB rotation lead to?

Answer: you do about 95% of the TPS of a two-disease Obliterate rotation.

For full details see my 3.3 Frost post.

About the simulation

This used Kahorie’s simulator.

Further reading

See this index on specs and info.

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