Warrior 3.2 tank spec, and no more badge gear

Warrior tank specs

I presume any tank reader on my site knows Veneretio well, he’s posted the warrior tanks specs he’s running.

No more badge gear tank upgrades

Last night, I got my last tanking badge-reward upgrade from Conquest. Kind of wierd feeling.

I’m at 33.7K HP unbuffed and 55% avoidance without the Black Heart trinket, which I’m deliberating getting to replace my Ignis dodge trinket. Not like a casual raider like me needs more HP. What to do next?

Do I get badges for dps rewards (my offspec)? Or gear up my L80 hunter? Or level my little priest? Get more honour points for the new season? Use badges for the deadly PvP gear? I’m not sure yet.

Whilst I don’t look silly anymore… those shoulders don’t really fit the look.

All badged-out

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4 comments to Warrior 3.2 tank spec, and no more badge gear

  • Surely you want the tanking trinket that drops from Mr Y Saron in 10 man? If you have it already then sadly I must kill you in a fit of ungovernable envy.

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    Unfortunately, being in a casual raid guild, I’ve not had the pleasure of tanking Yogg’s face off. This thinking of stacking stamina with Monarch and Black Heart, instead, I think.

  • My Ulduar 10 raid ID has been extended three times now and shows no signs of stopping. After the first week we had cleared up to Thorim and so we started at Mimiron in week 2. We downed him and then Vezax in two short raids (maybe 2.5 hours total including doing the Vezax trash twice).

    In week 3 I was working late and didn’t have chance to run a raid, but we start on Yogg on Monday in our fourth week of raiding.

    The raid ID extension option is (in my view) the single best change ever to be made to raiding in Warcraft, and opens the end game up to the casual raider. Everyone can now try Yogg Saron – you don’t need to clear 12 earlier bosses every week before you begin your attempts.

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    That’s a very good point. I should encourage our GM to smash our heads on the progression bosses too; not just using it for a one week extension.

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