Cross-server PUG dungeons: Blizzcon

One item that got my attention is this, from the wowraid liveblogging in Dungeon & Raid Panel:

Cartina:  Cross-Server LFG being talked about
csulok:  planned for patch 3.3


That will make off-hours guilds much more viable, since you can PUG to fill your final slots. I wonder if it’ll extend to PUG raids; probably will because they’d be using the same LFM technology.

I don’t really care about reward/incentive to use LFM unless its very cosmetic, because of the weird distortion to group formation it would make: forcing guildies to join your team via the LFM interface just to ensure a reward.

But… being able to get a non-heroic TotC for example for my stam trinket, when nobody on my own realm is interested, would be fantastic.

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3 comments to Cross-server PUG dungeons: Blizzcon

  • LF1M from Australia HC VanCleef then gtg

    Looks like you just got your answer. Grats. :)

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    Certainly makes it helps a bit with what to do when I move back to Oz, but I’m still undecided. So I’d have instances (and raids hopefully via PUG). However playing off-hours like 9am UK when it’s 8pm in Sydney still makes it tough for guildchat or levelling-teams in Cataclysm next year, might be lonely.

    So it is a huge help, but doesn’t settle the question entirely for me about EU or Oceanic realm. So many factors. Hard decision. I could reroll a DK (I have an inactive 64 druid but it means I can make a DK) on an Aussie server, or play funny hours on EU server here. With gear-reset of Cataclysm an Aussie character would only be behind on gear until then.

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    I decided to re-roll in the end. Lots of reasons, but the largest being I won’t get to raid much at all the next four months because of organising my move back to Sydney. The time I do have, I can invest in a new DK tank in the timezone I’ll be settled in.
    Pretty horrible feeling, after investing so much in that character Gravity.
    But I love DK tanks, so was no decision what to play; I’ve a Tauren now.

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