How to raid fast

I just came across this speed-raiding guide on StratFu, written in February but I’d not seen it before. It’s very comprehensive, and covers in details the points I have just touched on about fast raids.

Their guide includes:

  • a set of two videos with on-screen tips
  • guiding principles and detailed notes for leadership
  • top ten speed tips
  • for addons to help, check some of my recommendations or Vranx‘s. An older version of the stratfu guide suggested out-of-date addons, particularly these were wrong:
    • don’t use XRS, use Raidbuffstatus
    • don’t use Utopia, use DebuffEnough
    • use Recount for death-log analysis, not Expiration
    • use EnsidiaFails, not Failbot.

Overall I like their guide and agree with the guidance. It’s great to have a video.

One example I liked from the detailed guide:

If you’re either a main tank or a raidleader, you can start doing this with your next raid. You don’t have to wait to reach a particular dungeon, or to get the guild to some specific gear level.

Your guild *is* capable of it as long as you’re willing to put in the effort.

And this doesn’t take the fun out of raiding — it means people spend less time on the icky stuff like trash, and more time grabbing purples and chatting with their friends.


You can download high-res versions from Stratfu which are easier to see than Youtube.

Part one


Part two


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