Some news that got my attention.

Part two of the detailed and longĀ Eurogamer interview on WoW. Thanks for the link Kadomi.

wowenomics linked to this short interview with production director Jay Wilson.

WoWraid will publish soon a great overview of Cataclysm news which organises all the information into tabbed sections. (I saw preview).

I commented on levelling in battlegrounds as giving me 22k xp in 14 mins. I’m levelling a DK tank on an Aussie realm, and used AV to get to L60.

Next set of Coliseum bosses are up – the Twins – and wowraid has solid strategy on them. (I don’t think wowwiki will be polished for a while yet.)

Tobold is writing again and has a good commentary on the guild advancement system coming in Cataclysm, and I agree with his points. He has an older post on raiding, with a very insightful and accurate commentary; so good I’ll quote a key section.

The principle problem of raiding, and other endgame activities as well, is that it suffers very much from diminishing returns. The further you get, the slower your rate of advancement.

The other WoW raid specific reason is the conundrum that plagues guild raids as well as pickup groups to dungeons: The potential for reward is inversely proportional to your contribution. The more you contribute to the success of the group or raid, the lower is the chance of you receiving a reward which is still useful to you.

Lastly, I have a poll in the sidebar. Please vote! There have been about 9000 visitors to the site in the last week but only 50 votes.

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