Ulduar cleared in blues, not epics

Wow. Thanks to RJK for highlighting this post on a site I rarely visit, Greedy Goblin. Great for money-making tips, but… raiding?

In short: the goblin’s guild cleared 10-man Ulduar, wearing only blues (no epics), including Yogg.

This is irrefutable proof that skill matters more than gear.

Read about the accomplishment, and his comments on ‘the myth of gear‘.

I don’t really need to say much about this. It speaks for itself.

Good raiders are more important than good gear. People should give up saying “we need more gear before we can do this boss”, but instead say “we need more coordination, skill and/or practice”.

This is all consistent with the opinions of the top raiding guilds I’ve interviewed, Numen, Spike Flail and Wrath. They say situational awareness is crucial. Gear can be gained.

Update: I’ve now elaborated on my views.

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I’ve also written about this before on addons for awareness, learning to raid lead,  and on PvP to improve PvE.

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9 comments to Ulduar cleared in blues, not epics

  • “This is irrefutable proof that skill matters more than gear.”

    No, it ain’t.

    Is irrefutable proof what if ya knows a fight so well what ya has it on farm and can affords fer ta sell raid slots and be willing ta accept a lot of wipes, you can still get through with blues. So? The didn’t learn those fights in blues – they learned’em wearing the best gear they could get, ie, epics from the previous tier. Otherwise, they’d still be chewin’ glass and wiping 20 times a night and a long way from gettin’ to Yogg.

    Of course, skill is necessary fer progression raiding. But so is gear, and so is learning the fights. And this were obvious before Gevlon’s self-serving stunt.

  • Lomaine

    I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was “irrefutable proof” that skill matters more than gear, but it’s a definite indicator that it’s true to an extent.

    Thing is, as Ratshag pointed out, if you’ve done a fight enough times you can probably do it with your eyes closed. My guild’s not very advanced, we haven’t cleared Ulduar 25 or killed Yogg in Ulduar 10 (We’re damned close though), but I’m almost 100 percent sure that most of us can run through Naxx 10 and 25 wearing crafted PvP blues and pump out decent enough numbers to kill bosses, nothing chart-topping or record breaking, but it would get the job done. It’s an achievement, sure, and I agree with the point, but I’m not so sure that the point was necessarily proven in the experiment, so to speak.

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    Interesting responses there guys. I think my view on this is going to be so long it’ll warrant a post on its own. In short though it’s this: (a) really bad players cannot clear Ulduar in i245 epics however, (b) skilled people in i200 blues can clear it, therefore (c) skill is more important than gear. The full picture is a continuum, though, not so binary. What upsets me is people who have sufficient gear but blame gear anyhow for their lack of progress.

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    I don’t think you can say familiarity is enough, since that would just provide the intellectual knowledge of tactics. It’s very common for someone to have read about a fight, or to know it, but to execute poorly. For example, knowing you need to spin and turn instantly on Mimiron’s Leviathan phase doesn’t mean you will actually do it in-game, or that you’ll avoid his rockets. Executing properly is the skill, and knowing what to do is familiarity.

    So you need familiarity of course, but that not enough, you need skill.
    Gear then makes it easier.

    My point is many people say ‘you need great gear for this boss’ when in fact they are likely failing on the execution more so than the dps/hps/HP.

    Better gear won’t improve their execution, but it will allow them to screw-up with less consequences.

  • Redsoil

    I’ll agree that skill matters more than gear, but only to a certain extent. When you are forced to make a choice between two players being included in your raid and thy are of equal skill, gear matters 100%. In a perfect world I could build a guild where every player can flawlessly execute raid strategies, I wouldn’t have to explain fights because every player studied hard in advance and we could just use vent to listen to music instead of having to continually coach players through raids as we go. But player rosters like these are the priveledge of a select few guilds on every server.

    I do agree what what gravity said also. “better gear wont improve execution, but it will allow mistakes with lesser consequences.”

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