European hello and switchers

I have some readers from France and Spain, just going to say hello courtesy of translation software. (update: HAHAHA oh my, that software is terrible! I’ll leave it in so the native speakers can laugh. Do a reverse translation if you’d like to see what a botched job it did.)

Ceci est un merci rapides et bonjour à mes lecteurs français. Je souhaite que je pourrais parler du français ! Ma boîte de femme.

Quiero saludar mis lectores españoles. Yo no he visitado España, pero querría a un día.

This is topical because I’ve been living in the UK for nearly two years now. We are moving back home to Australia in December for various reasons, so I had to work out what to do about raiding.

I love WoW, and I’ve played it since launch, so will keep playing when I get back. That was not a decision, it was about off-hours versus a reroll.

Interestingly, Honors guild is moving to Horde en-masse just for something new to do. My guild in the UK has a new thread on “which character will you take to L85 first?” and many people have already decided.

I expect a great deal of people and guilds are using Cataclysm as an opportunity for change. What’s surprised me is how early people have started their planning; within days after Blizzcon.

For me, I was not going to be in the right timezone to conveniently raid with my awesome guild, so I had to decide whether to create an off-hours chapter within it, or a new guild, or re-roll on an Oceanic realm. Frustrating, since Gravity and my alts have four epic flyers and about 15k in gold, so it’s a big loss. Thanks to Karatheya for his advice and my very supportive guildies.

Industry is born

In the end I decided to reroll, with a big reason being the gear-reset of Cataclysm (meaning my new Tauren Death Knight tank will not be behind in gear-level for that long) and the obvious issue of timezone for raiding.

There was no question for me about which class. DK tanking is my passion, having raided on many classes, and Tauren tanks just look awesome.

Thus, Gravity was reborn. For a while he had the name “Industry” until early November when I did a name-change.

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9 comments to European hello and switchers

  • I’ve done a reverse translation of your french sentence and it didn’t really make sense in English either. What were you intending to say in the first place? Maybe I could give you a hand…

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    That’s what’s so hilarious. The last sentence was saying “My wife can speak French”.

  • Google translate is pretty good…!

    The worgen storyline and “look and feel” really appeal to me. I’m tempted to roll a worgen rogue, if only because the class and race seem to mesh really well. I’d call him “Fido”.

    I guess however that everyone and his dog will be rolling a worgen come 4.0 so I might wait for a while for things to calm down.

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    I’ll have a goblin bank alt for sure :) .
    Worgen don’t really interest me that much. I am tempted, one day, to try the new L1-70 levelling experience in Cataclysm though. I’d love to see what has changed for noobs.

  • Kadomi
    Twitter: Kadomi

    Good luck with all that. I know how frustrating playing in the wrong timezone can be, and I think re-rolling is the best you can do. I currently have two accounts, simply because I am too attached to my Kadomi to do the full switch to Alliance on my German realm. All my friends there are Alliance, but it just isn’t home to me at all.

    And yet I have regretted having rolled on the US realms multiple times. I think I would be a lot more progressed as raider and a lot more hardcore if I was playing my main on the correct side of the Atlantic. As German in the US I had to settle with off-peak hour raiding that my fabulous guild kindly supports, not very often.

    Best of luck!

  • I know if I ever roll an alliance alt, it’ll probably be Worgen; I’ve tried levelling everything else and hated the zones starting zones, especially Dwarves/Gnomes. Though, to be honest, most horde levelling zones bore me too….lol

    Also, the translations are amazingly hilarious. Love ‘em!

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    It really is a tough situation, Kadomi, I didn’t realise you share the pain on this. Cataclysm might present a good opportunity for many people in the EU/US conundrum to re-roll without getting behind on gear.

  • Best of luck on your new server Grav. The worlds greatest DK moves to a whole new region to prove that not all DKs are retards!

  • [...] main Gravity tanked Ulduar 25 in England but because of a move back to Australia, I decided to reroll. (You can’t transfer EU to Oceanic [...]

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