Anub'arak, Koralon and Vezax hard-mode video

Update Sept 7: Paragon have killed Anub’arak in 25-man heroic (ie. ‘hard mode’). Loot and details.

Original post: A greatly respected member of the community, Splug, has published a Tankspot Marmot video on hard-mode Vezax.

I’ve updated my handy Coliseum strategy page.


Lore has done Anub’arak on normal mode is up now.


Koralon video is also available now. Save yourself some wipes.


Expect reports of good progress into the Heroic version of Coliseum now that the opening sequence is completed.

pwnwear news

Welcome to my new self-hosted site. You’ll see some graphic changes and simple features like wowhead tooltips working, along with RSS feed that continues working whilst protecting my content with a copyright notice. The new site doesn’t look exactly like I want it to yet, but it’ll get there. URL or RSS should not change otherwise.

I lost the embedded flow of comments (indenting of responses to comments), but didn’t lose any comments themselves, and lost the ratings you’d given to posts. Sorry! Otherwise, the content is verbatim to the old.

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2 comments to Anub’arak, Koralon and Vezax hard-mode video

  • Hinenuitepo

    Koralon on 25-man is extremely easy. Easier than Emalon. Free 9.5 for all.
    Anub took a few tries and is probably about as challenging as Faction Champs: once you have your strat down, you’ll one-shot it every week. I enjoyed the fight though; it’s very cool what happens when you start the fight (no spoilers here! ;) )
    Hard Modes are a different matter and I look forward to starting them; bosses hit ~40% harder and you have less ‘outs,’ which should lead many/most guilds to not be able to clear the whole thing the first week.

  • Glacial

    New site looks good!

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