Best tank food for buffs

I’ve seen a few questions on this over time: what food should a tank eat for buffs?

blackened dragonfin

The best tank food is Blackened Dragonfin, since it gives you avoidance. You’d take this unless you were relying on food to help on threat stats like hit or expertise.

Before diminishing returns, the dodge you get:

  • warriors and DKs 0.47%
  • paladins 0.66%
  • druids 0.83%.

For threat, you have a few choices depending on your total stats. Here are the premium 40 stam foods you would raid with:

  • Rhinolicious Wormsteak is the best for threat if you are below 6.5% expertise.
  • Snapper Extreme or Worg Tartare are good when your to-hit is below 8%. Hit is useful to minimise the chance of your pull initial threat going badly due to a miss or two. Below 8%, DKs will get more threat from hit than other stats.
  • Dragonfin Filet gives DKs a bit of parry (0.22% pre-DR), rather it’s a food for threat. Best threat food for Paladins over 6.5% expertise.

What about 30 stam food? If you’re being cheap, like in a heroic 5-man, yet still want to buff with food, then who cares really. Eat anything. I’d go for threat stats.

For Paladins, Dalaran Clam Chowder is a well-rounded 30 stam option.

How do I powerlevel or level-up fishing and cooking?

Ideally, you can do fishing and cooking at the same time. It’s very time efficient. The best guide for this method is El’s. There are also the best guides on fishing by itself, and a whole world of information.

For cooking by itself, wow-profession have a good guide.

Why do it?

Earning an income: both have dailies you can complete for extra gold. Fishing dragonfin used to be a pastime for me whilst waiting for Naxxramas, because they spawn in a lake just nearby. You can also fish in Dalaran whilst waiting on LFG.

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6 comments to Best tank food for buffs

  • Smartarse incoming – Doesn’t the other Dragonfin food (which gives strength) sometimes give avoidance too? Parry for DKs, block value for warriors and paladins. Crit food gives block value for bears, while AP food gives block value. (I know block is not avoidance but…)

    Lucky bears get tank food from fish feasts I guess!

    On the other hand – I hadn’t considered the avoidance gain from agility – I normally go for strength food if I am feeling rich or hit food (as I am 0.13% under the hit cap and I have nightmares about missing taunts). Perhaps agility is better, and I will have to get the calculator out again.

    I don’t know the maths offhand for DK avoidance, but I wonder if the strength>parry conversion for DKs is better than the agility>dodge conversion rate, and whether (if strength is better) that diminishing returns make enough of a difference to make one opt for agility.
    .-= Everblue´s last blog ..Anub’arak (10) Strategy =-.

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    Hi mate, you’re not being a smart ass… you just didn’t see that I mentioned it as an aside in my post. The strength -> parry conversion is so bad. 40 str = 10 parry rating = 0.22% avoidance before DR. I checked and the agility food is also best for druids. I had forgotten about crit=block for them, so did a quick google to verify agi is still #1.

    I have now updated my post to include the specific calculations, though.

    I also like eating to-hit food, because it’s such a good threat boost.

    ps. I put in ComLuv for readers like you who have active blogs too!

  • Sigh. Perhaps I need to learn to read then.
    .-= Everblue´s last blog ..Anub’arak (10) Strategy =-.

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    Don’t worry mate! Makes for more interesting comments, and you did inspire me to update the OP. :)

  • Captain Fizz

    I’m a feral tank (& kitty) and the +agi food is by far the best.

    As Gravity advised, the boost you get to Savage Defence is tiny compared to the dodge.
    Even 80AP (Fish Feast) means you reduce the incoming 20k hit (after armour etc) by 20.
    20k dmg. 20 more of it blocked.

    Never consider Savage Defence when talking about dmg reduction. It’s just a ‘nice to have’ – But the difference is that small, never actively gear/gem/eat for it :)

  • [...] how important to-hit is generally as a threat stat. Get that from food buffs without complicating your gear choices. [...]

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