Patch 3.22

This index post helps readers find my posts on the 3.22 changes for DK tanking. I had it stickied to front page for a while.

  • Death knight tank builds for unholy, frost and blood
  • new: highest threat no-epidemic Unholy DK tank build
  • dual-wield tanking in 3.22 (DW DK tanking)
  • initial commentary on the 3.22 changes. Patch notes 3.22 from the downloader.
  • Find everything else on pwnwear through my new index page.

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    4 comments to Patch 3.22

    • Leharl

      I’m not sure if this is the appropriate place to make this comment but I love this site. Between pwnwear and, I often have every little question or doubt about my class answered with clarity and speed.

      Thanks for all the awesomeness!

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      That’s really nice to hear, thank you!

    • Ok, this is gonna be the post that gets all the “I love you man!” comments. Your blog is great! On forums you have to weed through all the BS to find the few good gems of info, not here. So, THANK YOU for what you are doing. Please keep at it and find a way to retire off your work here so all you have to do is play WoW and keep writing!
      .-= Idolatry´s last blog ..Some shots of Ben… =-.

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      How awesome would it be for any of us passionate gamers to be paid to play! Nice photos on your blog btw Idol, I liked the strong use of lighting on Ben’s shots.

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