PTR 3.22 unbreakable armour

Currently, PTR 3.22 unbreakable armour gives +25% armour and the glyph takes it to +30% (tooltip on glyph is a bit confusing).

If you compare that to bone shield at 15 seconds, giving a flat 20% reduction on top of your normal tank armour, I find that bone shield is ahead on total damage reduction. I modelled this in a google spreadsheet.

I used example armour of 25123 unbuffed and 27858 buffed.

Unbuffed, UA leaves you taking 32.66% of the damage on you, whereas bone shield on your armour leaves 30.20%. Smaller numbers are better. Glyphed, UA is 31.18% meaning bone shield is still ahead.

I think UA glyph should be changed to approximately 5% flat damage reduction, and the UA duration normalised to 15 seconds.

Vampiric Blood and bone shield are already 15s when glyphed.

This proposal is on the USA wow forums.

Another factor is that UA does not multiply the armour from buffs. Source. This means a raid-buffed tank gains less than a 5-man tank.

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13 comments to PTR 3.22 unbreakable armour

  • Ohdissius

    I don’t agree with claiming blizzard is tryin to make UA strictly a tank talent because they reduced the str buff from it – it’s simply because everyones gear is getting to the point now where the str buff was scaling too much.  It’s the same reason that the fallen crusader weapon runeforge got nerfed down to 15% – it’s not because they were changing the nature of the runeforge to some other function, it’s because everyone’s gear was scaling so much that 30% str from fallen crusader was just too much of a buff.

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