How to destroy a guild

Quick funny post. The random guild I joined on my new realm. I log on one day to see the most ridiculous GMOTD, from the now former GM Panzer. You can see it in the picture.

loser GM

Notice who is the new GM.

Right. The guy who left the guild, the former GM, put his alt as placeholder GM.

Guild doesn’t have much future, right, if the GM abandons it without a successor (deliberately? stupidly?) and instead destroys it. I haven’t bothered to check if he ever promoted someone appropriate or not. I gquit fairly instantly. Wasn’t a very good /g chat anyhow.

Pathetic really.

Tanking talk

There’s a good discussion on Armour in this post. I’ll join in tomorrow; just busy with IRL.

Other writers

I just added Everblue and Non-Elitist to my links.

I only have sites here that I visit regularly. There are other bloggers who I read from time to time, of course, but I don’t like to have a mile-long bloglist. I do like Tobold too, for example, but don’t visit him all the time. There are some others I just browse on RSS on my phone sometimes.

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5 comments to How to destroy a guild

  • rottenpossum

    Pretty pitiful if you ask me. I had something similar happen to me back in vanilla. Logged in to my guild to find there was no guild. What was worse was that I had deleted a lvl 58 mage (alliance) to reroll as horde just for that guild. Left the server and haven’t been back.

  • Argon

    Wow, that is awful.

    Also, that guy really likes to name his characters after their role.

  • Hinenuitepo

    Read the title, then the post.
    Thought, “Yep, that would do it!”

    There’s many ways to destroy a guild, but that one is probably one of the most effective ever. :)

    I myself participated in the demise of a guild – unintentionally, but here’s the (less dramatic and interesting) story:

    I joined wow shortly before BC release at the behest of a RL buddy and joined his guild as I leveled. As I hit 80, it became clear that the ‘in’ crowd of that guild were pretty exclusive and wouldn’t invite others to any instance runs or events, so my RL buddy and his friends decided to form their own guild, which I joined. This small guild, called Sheep the Moon (still exists as a ‘bank/alt’ guild on Argent Dawn US) only had about 10 level 70s. The core group were RL buddies and as it turns out, very good players who decided we wanted to try raiding. So, we cobbled together a few Karazhan groups and recruited a bit. Then there started some discussion about who we’d accept: friends and people who just wanted to hang out, or good players/raiders. The GM was my buddy and wanted to recruit raiders and good players, and he wanted to kick the players who were noobs/idiots from the guild and be more serious. His GF was opposed, so he passed lead to me and asked me to kick a number of players.

    Within a day, half of the raiders had quit because they didn’t like the ‘kick’ mentality or were friends with the noobs who’d been booted. I felt terrible that I had ‘destroyed’ the guild in one day….

    In any case, most of the core group really wanted to raid anyway, and joined various raiding guilds. I ended up on another server in a top-25 US guild before moving time zones and going back to my old server. Ironically, the 5 core players ended up in a new/old raiding guild that was #2 on the server – several of us with top-30 us parses on Patchwerk etc, and I ended up co-GM of that guild. Fortunately, I learned a few lessons along the way, and that guild is still going strong

    I find the guild drama/group dynamics in wow to be fascinating… anybody else have /gcrash stories?

  • Hinenuitepo

    Heh, also just noticed that guild had 315 members, which is quite large for this kind of drama! I’m guessing it was mostly a social guild where pretty much everyone had invite privileges? Heh, funny stuff.

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    It was big aye, but raided too as far as I could tell, albeit not in an organised fashion so yeah more casual. After all, I joined by saying in /1, “LF levelling guild so I have /g for company”.

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