Design quality and humour

One of my favourite things about World of Warcraft. One of the reasons I came back to WoW for it, after a brief hiatus in Eve (wrote a guide, needs a maintainer btw). Something that makes me smile while doing old content. Two things actually.

(1) Blizzard’s 3D model movements, graphic design quality, attention to detail and creativity, and (2) their sense of humour.

The Marmot quest was one example, I mentioned in the opener on levelling spec post, but the other day this really made me grin. You get to wear a costume.

Look at the design detail and thought put into this element of the game which occupies just a tiny corner of the world, and earns you 20K exp, and is then over. You do keep a smile and the memory of it, but yet what a lot of effort Blizzard put into such a passing thing.

Apparently, it was originally a Blizzcon goodie, so sure, the investment of 3D time was for a greater purpose than this quest, but they used it nevertheless and makes this quest really shine.

It truly is a great example of one reason I enjoy WoW. Have a close look. They have even a custom animation for its movement, including the eye boggling about.



Here are someone else’s videos of it.



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