Worst GUI ever

Oh man, while googling for a screenshot of a paladin tank, I found this disaster of a GUI. Talk about information overload and obscuring vision. See if you can beat it.

I’ll give US$2 via paypal to whoever produces the worst tanking UI. Use the vote buttons to say who has the best of the bad (ie. thumbs up means, this is a really crap screenshot). This isn’t democracy but it’d be fun to see votes.

Yes, that’s a real prize, albeit a crappy one.

wowscrnshot071207223240gn2 (1)

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7 comments to Worst GUI ever

  • You want us to beat *that*?

    OMG, give us a chance. We’d have to deliberately gouge out the UI-loving parts of our brains to make one worse than that.

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    OMG it’s even worse than I first thought. Go full-screen. Check top far left corner.

    Five FPS. 5! That’s unplayable, on top of being visually impairing and overloading. hahaha what a fuck up.

    Yeah Kara, that’s going to be hard to beat. :) Maybe I’ll increase the prize money.

  • We might need to send you $2! That’s quite a find!
    I really need to get that addon that manages addons in game, because even when I tank I tend to not use many tanking addons. I should probably use grid at least lol, but it’ll never be as fail as that one. :)
    .-= HInnuitepo´s last blog ..Finding my niche (Intro) =-.

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    Best addon to manage other addons in-game is called OptionHouse. Also profiles CPU and memory.

  • Wow. That’s rather impressively bad. On the other hand, now I have something to throw at people who whine that my UI is cluttered. Yes it’s a bit active, but I need info, dangit!

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    It is indeed remarkably bad. No-one’s found worse yet either!

  • Chris

    Wait–let me get my add-on, for taking screenshot of my UI…I know I’ve got it here, somewhere…oh, gosh, I’ll have to download it again…it was working yesterday…how much money can I win?  I need another keyboard, too…ok, soon, I’ll have it…


    (Which game was this for?)

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