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I’ve implemented a few changes to the site.

Please let me know if you notice any adverse effects, like pictures or pages loading more slowly, or whatnot.

  • changed cache system, which lets me include dynamic content, reduces bandwidth consumption and pipelines images.
  • implemented a comment indexing system, so they’ll now be read by Google. Downside is, commenters with their own site won’t have their URL attached to their name anymore. You can get around this with CommentLuv, to maintain a high profile for blog.
    • Upside though, there is now a mini author page for comment writers (example), which lists all the comments you have made and there it includes a link to your blog.
  • trying to get google ads working for non-regular readers (ie. only people who arrive via search engines, or have visited less than 2 times recently) by using an ad manager. Reason: I’m getting close to needing more bandwidth, so would like to offset that with ad revenue, but without putting it in your face.
    • This is with only 5700 unique visitors last week and 15000 page views, not much compared to long-time bloggers.

Update 23rdst: had to remove the comments UI, it broke nesting.

I’m going to have to reduce the size of my sexy banner too. Maybe I’ll just chop off the pic of Gravity tanking, but then it’d be kinda stumpy looking banner. Dunno. I’ll ask Cara.

This coming week my wife’s travelling so while that should give me time for writing on 3.2.2, I also have my cute little kids to care for. Let’s see how it goes. Hope you’re all well!

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