TankTotals addon updated

One of my must-have addons, being a stats geek, is TankTotals.

It just got updated to v3.310 and is now compatible with patch 3.22.

If you’re not already using TankTotals, let me point out that in a prior patch the author Reynard added a few nice features.

I particularly like his time-to-live calculation which even factor in expertise/parry-haste, which will be interesting for everyone including dual-wield tanks.

Druids will enjoy seeing a figure for savage defence uptime, too.

I also like TankTotals because seeing my most important stats all the time (well, sometimes I hide it) is strangely satisfying.

The latest changes:

  • Frost Presence gives 8% DR instead of 5%
  • Unbreakable Armor gives armor bonus rather than flat mitigation
  • Threat of Thassarian applies rune strike to OH hits
  • Ardent Defender gives 7/13/20% mitigation instead of 10/20/30%
  • Critical Block chance increased to 20/40/60%
  • Infected Wounds gives 20% effect with 1 application

Added in the previous release:

  • Effective Health calculations now take Ardent Defender, Will of the Necropolis and similar effects into account
  • new TTL (time-to-live) figure incorporating avoidance and flat mitigation, based on specified mob damage, target’s attack speed and handedness (2H/DW)
  • optionally include Parry Haste in TTL calculations
  • optionally include Ardent Defender’s heal effect in TTL calculations
  • new Total Melee Damage Reduction value incorporating avoidance and flat DR
  • Savage Defense uptime estimate, mitigation total and post-combat report for druids (see the new “Class” section in the config GUI). This is based on current crit rate, target attack speed, target debuffs and handedness

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