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I’ve installed a ‘sideblog’ which means this news won’t end up in an RSS feed, and nor on the front page of my site, but instead hidden away in the sidebar. Still lets me update you on improvements I’m making to pwnwear, without having to bog down the important content.

Ads should now be working for visitors who come from a search engine or who have seen less than a couple of pages in the last ten days. Therefore, regular regulars shouldn’t see them at all.

Caching is also improved again, so maybe the site will be more responsive, and I removed Gravatar logos from the comments sidebar because I found they were also slowing the site.

A very painful upgrade to my server over the weekend meant some downtime and an older version of the site being up for most of Sunday. My host apologised and so do I.

I’ve also been using this nice slider feature for a while now. It looks like this.

[slider title="example slider"]I can hide detailed content this way, and only people who want to read it can expand to open.[/slider]

Lastly, remember you can register at the site (links are hidden down in the grey footer), with the benefit of being able to comment without having to type your email address each time.

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