DK levelling in Unholy no-epidemic, plus a few addons

Found some great addons too, but first a snippet on levelling:

I ran the no-epidemic unholy dps specs in the simulator for L68, to see how it scales at low gear levels. Result is it checks out at the same dps as traditional. I updated my Death Knight levelling specs page with builds.

Having just got my new DK to L75 in blood, I’m going to try unholy for some variety and to get a feel for this short rotation.

In addon news, a few addons I’ve found over the last week. Some I put on Twitter before posting here.

  • in-game MP3 player, called Epic! Mac users already can control iTunes from within WoW, but for the rest of us this is a nice idea.
  • find out which idiot used a train set during your raid prep-talk
  • the best in-game addon management tool includes CPU and memory profiling and lets you turn addons off too, OptionHouse.

Lastly, I just updated the threat EP values post.  Helps gearing decisions.

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