Kahorie simulator for DKs

I’m going to have a single post which lets people download the XML settings files I’ve been using for Kahorie’s DK simulator, which might save some time or let you double-check how I’ve done it (in case of errors).


  • Character xml
  • Unholy no-reaping rotation with one death coil
  • Unholy DnD rotation without epidemic (short) against single-target
  • Unholy DnD rotation with epidemic (long) against single-target
  • Unholy AOE rotation with epidemic but for otherwise a normal non-reaping spec (long)

Note: for changing the character file or creating your own:

Raid buffs.

If I say “using 10-man raid buffs”, these are the settings I mean (image):


Note that if you want to model [spell]improved icy talons[/spell], [spell]53138[/spell] or [spell]crypt fever[/spell], note they must be selected as buffs (not just in the talents). Source.

How to use Kahorie? Stoppable wrote a good guide.


Discuss in this forum thread.

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