List of raid gear without raiding

Plate tank gear you can get from emblems, BoEs from the AH or professions. Useful to plan gearing up a new or alt tank without having to actually raid. Helps you decide which items to buy with gold or emblems.

Exclusions: the gear which requires tokens you can only get in a raid, such as from TotC-25 for tier 9.5, and excludes most Emblem of Heroism items (i200) since they’re out-dated.

For 3.3 BOP items, I have another list.

Where do I get emblems?

With patch 3.3, all Emblem of Triumph (EoT) gear will be attainable from 5-man heroics. In live 3.22, you get Emblem of Conquest (EoC) in 5-mans and EoT from the Coliseum raid. The legacy badge Emblem of Valour no longer drops anywhere, and is only available by trading-down from another emblem.

What’s an emblem worth?

There is an opportunity cost to Emblems, since they can all be traded-in for a valuable item you could auction:

Obviously, runed orbs are not a good return per emblem, you’re better to trading-down and sell a BOE i213 wrist guard.

Crusader Orbs value will change as 3.3 gets closer, and then very distinctly once its live. I don’t know where their price will end up. But because EoT will be freely available in 5-mans, you would expect the supply to far outstrip demand and we’d find a lower value on crusader orbs and therefore a lower opportunity cost on buying gear with those emblems.

Do I use emblems or gold to buy gear?

In patch 3.22, on strictly this basis, Wapach’s i200 for 2000g is not great value compared to Thassarian’s Pauldrons i232 for 30 EoT (=2790g equivalent).

However, you need to factor in (a) the value of your time to get 30 EoT plus (b) what alternative tank items those 30 EoT could buy you. You may be better buying Wapach for 2Kg, then saving the 30 EoT towards leggings since you can’t buy any legs with gold.

Gear list













About the list

I have included a few BOP i200 epics from 5-mans, so on a new tank you might buy those slots with emblems last since there’s a chance you’ll get a lucky drop. They’re in grey text. The often excellent 5-man Coliseum items are in green.

If you can buy an item with gold, it’s marked with BOE. They’re the sure-bets you can have for yourself with a good gold income.

A few times I used a wowhead weighted comparison. Note it’s a rough weighting, not based on any good science really, didn’t include block value (ooops) and wowhead can’t rate gem slots so… just consider it another way to look at the items and not as a balanced judgement.

This list would not be possible, and owes a debt of recognition and thanks to the full DK gear list at If you want to plan for raid drops, that list is better. My list is for making decisions about buying with gold or emblems.

3.3: I will update this with any new relevant items.

Warriors/Paladins: let me know if I missed any key block-tank items (I probably did, haven’t cross-checked it yet).

DPS BiS from emblems? See this on

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  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    Good point Chev. Also updated OP with the new inclusions from comments, will tidy its ugly formatting later.

  • Leanin

    I am gearing my DK out to tank and I have been stalking this site since I discovered it. Thank you Gravity for all the limitless knowledge you have provided us :)     Posting here because you can get a ILVL 219 cloak from normal halls of reflection without shield block in it.   Eerie Runeblade Polisher. So you can save several thousand gold by not buying a paly\warrior tank back and save your marks for something more beneficial to your set.  My tank is far from complete but I can MT VoA 10 with the gear I have so far.

  • [...] Emblem changes in 3.3 mean we can get some wonderful raid-quality loot from heroic 5-mans, and the new LFG system will make that even easier, and helps old guys like me gear up their new [...]

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