SexyMap and GatherMate addons

I’m levelling mining (for the stamina bonus and an income). At 400 now on my reroll DK. I use the SexyMap addon combined with GatherMate to get a HUD when flying around, and for overview of node locations on my maps.

The two addons are integrated within the SexyMap configuration.

The HUD is best explained with a video, so I put one together (narrated) to show you.


Because the HUD hides your normal minimap, I have a small zone map showing. Normally I wouldn’t use it.

An alternative minimap replacement is Chincilla, discussed on an unrelated post I had about FPS issues, if you want something else.

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5 comments to SexyMap and GatherMate addons

  • Ah, but you missed the gem that makes GatherMate and SexyMap complete: Routes

    Routes works with GatherMate (or some of the other map addons) to plot the quickest path across the map that hits all the places where nodes might be.  It uses the algorithm taught in CompSci to solve the traveling salesman problem:

    Which I find incredibly cool.  “Graph Theory = WoW gold?  Yes Please!”

    On it’s own, Routes draws the path to follow on the minimap and on the world map, but combined with SexyMap’s HUD (which is the only addon that does this to my knowledge), you get the line superimposed on your main screen.  It turns resource farming into what I like to call a gold-making bombing run.

    Take a look at a couple of screenshots, both of the HUD and the world map:

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    whoa that’s more impressive than I’d thought. I saw it, but figured meh, it’ll suck, didn’t realise it used an intelligent algorithm!

  • DerangedHermit
    Twitter: anscosta

    Yeah, i was going to reply to recommend Routes too. It’s just essencial when you want to level mining or go on mining runs.
    About the ‘HUD’, if you’re talking about the little zone map, Mapster can also do that. I use that instead of SexyMap but i’ll check SexyMap when i get home.

    EDIT: looking at the screenshots, i see what you mean by HUD. Mapster does not do that , then :)

  • Starets Sayas
    Twitter: staretssayas

    Thanks for this tip. It works great!!! …when it works. For some reason last night my hud map was upside down making it more annoying than anything else. Looked in vain for some way to flip it. Anyone have any ideas what might have happened?

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    The HUD map isn’t upside down, most  likely, it’s just it has a fixed orientation. If you rotate your character, any node on the hud will rotate on its hud, so you can steer yourself towards it. Once the node is up the top-most edge of the hud, it is in your forward path, so you just move forward to find it. Hope that makes sense.

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