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There really is a lot going on right now. Let me show you the posts which have got my attention over the last week whilst I’ve been stupid busy at work, then enjoying a long weekend away. I use RSS feeds for the sites frequented; much better than bookmarking them in a browser.


3.3 on PTR with raid testing, snippets of encounters coming out including Matticus’ attempt on a boss who makes you vomit, Festergut. Rotface sounds good too.

Coming soon: new emblems, new LFG system, new stamina tanking trinket, changes to tankadin divine sacrifice.

Economics, MMO-Champ effecting the inscription, prospecting and enchanting economies, arctic fur prices being equalised, Hinen’s new blog going strong with posts on gear, theory, dps and more.

I found this post on nerds being stalkers a bit sad and interesting.

Non-elitist, normally just writes great raid strategies for the rest of us, wrote about a near guild implosion and how she he turned it around. Cold Comfort wrote about nerd rage, a related topic, due to authentication. The anonymity of MMO makes people act in ridiculous ways.

DK’s scourge strike change is now working on the PTR, and Kahorie’s sim is updated and appears accurate; I can do some more tests on that soon.

I wonder if its worth having a forums section at pwnwear? I was playing with one to see how it works, but disabled it 27th Oct whilst isolating a high server CPU problem. Go poke about at it if you’d like. It’s not like there’s any lack of forums for WoW, but seems quiet these days, I wonder where all the traffic went.

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  • -Some of those new fights do sound pretty cool!
    -I agree about economics; several of the ‘smaller’ sites have taken to reacting to and mmo-champion’s advice by staying a step ahead; do the ‘opposite’ of the recommended strats. Pretty funny!
    -I have a guildie with a RL stalker story that started in guild forums when she posted a pic of herself. :(

    -Thanks for the love, friend. ;)
    -As someone who works with people in RL, I’ve always been fascinated by the social behavior of people online in MMOs. That anonymity results in strangeness  indeed!
    -I’ll look forward to your simming stuffs! Try Team Robot too, I think it looks promising!

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    wtf is Team Robot? :) srsly.

    Added a question about forums. I think probably not needed, not like this is an uber-traffic site and actually needs it, but wanted to play with the the forum software so set one up on

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    Mr Robot is pretty cool… FOR A DEEPS !    :)

    translation = psh. hehehe.

    Also, check my comment over here on the unholy changes in 3.3.

  • I agree, they do need to work on tanking sims, but for a start it looks pretty good.
    The developers have stated they intend to eventually have it sim for all classes, so it may end up being a universal tool. ;)
    Yah, I said the same about unholy changes. No simming until it settles down.

  • Given your links this week, thought I should mention, I am a chick gamer :D  And the heroic Faction Champions strat is giving me a headache *sigh*  It is coming though…

    • Gravity
      Twitter: gravitydk

      Ah, I had no idea. I don’t recall seeing any clues, so thanks for correcting me. I love your site!

      • That was half the point of it, the no clues, because that isn’t the point of the site.  Thanks so much for the kind words!  I have not levelled a DK past oh 58 so much of your site passes me by, but occasionally bits sink in.  Which helps, because I have to know a little bit about everything!

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