Rawr, tank DK updated

Rawr, the multi-faceted simulation tool, has had a developer working on the DK tank module for a while now. It has just been updated to reflect the 3.22 changes also.

Rawr also works for tankadins, bears and prot warriors.

This is a fairly big tool, so I can’t say for sure which features to trust yet, but it has been improving a lot with each patch. You can search for known issues, by filtering for ‘tankDK’. You’ll see its avoidance calculation is still being tweaked, for example.

Dec 16th: the lead developer has contributed a guest post for pwnwear.

You can read more at its primary home on the Rawr forums, or also check the EJ thread.

Learn how to use Rawr, for dps.

If you want to simulate threat, the best tool is Kahorie’s.

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2 comments to Rawr, tank DK updated

  • honorshammer
    Twitter: honorshammer

    Just wanted to point out that any Tankadin recommendations from Rawr should be taken with a very healthy sized grain of salt. Tanking is not DPS and often you have to balance many factors. I don’t agree with some of the recommendations and rankings Rawr produces for Tankadins.

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    That bad eh, thanks for highlighting it Honors.

    I have generally used Rawr for gear options; like ideas for a shopping list.

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