Which race for tanking, now you can change?

The race change feature is now available. You can’t create any of the new race/class combinations in Cataclysm, but you can at least change race.

I have already written a detailed head to head analysis of all races, from a tanking perspective.

Update March 2010: expertise only has avoidance value outside of ICC raids, so don’t worry about it.

What is missing, though: some of the new calculations on the avoidance value of expertise, which I’d discovered more recently. Based on that fine maths work, let’s go with 1 expertise rating = 0.7 dodge rating.

Human: 3 expertise skill = is 24.6 rating, so ~17.2 dodge = ~0.38% dodge before DR.

Dwarf or Orc: 5 expertise skill = 41 rating, so 28.7 dodge = ~0.68% dodge before DR.

Night Elf has flat 2% avoidance with no diminishing returns.

So Nelfs remain the best tank class… if you are happy with how they look, if you disregard the value of the mobility racials in humans, threat from expertise, and so on, as I discuss in the tank races post.

Personally, I’m staying Tauren because they look awesome.

Source: combat ratings, 45.250 dodge rating = 1% dodge.

Thanks to Kenshi who asked me if the night elf racial is worth it, if you’re currently human.

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7 comments to Which race for tanking, now you can change?

  • Thanks Gravity for the mention but like many endgame raiders it is all about minmaxing and looks ofc.

    The reason why Iwould change race is also I’m not very fond of the fighting animation. Being human has already payed off for the rep but now doesn’t leave very much to go for.

  • Gravity
    Twitter: gravitydk

    hey grats on alone in the darkness, Kenshi. Does the human mobility racial hold much value to you? I always liked it on Gravity, but at high-end progression the nelf racial is superior.

  • I like it but on fights were mobility is a problem it is all about cooldowns. In Colli I haven’t found any use for it so far. As if you trinket out of the Frost breath of Icehowl you bug his Enrage timer. Other that that I use it only in Ulduar when Fighting the cat lady to snap out of fear faster to preserve some of that threath on the adds that they don’t go and nuke out warlocks.

    it is nice to have but It hasn’t saved my life so far. I was a gnome back in TBC and I would have loved it in MH but that wasn’t the case. If there is a fight where I need to become Immune to fear and all I’ll spec into it but as far as I’ve seen the mobility isn’t that big of an issue.

    I’ve also checked the reputational gain and that isn’t a big issue either

    there is a difference of 8 quests between Night Elf and Human at a ratio of 250 rep per turn in. So That aint to major either.

    Like many things in wow it is all about taste and minmaxing.

    + Night Elfs have bigger weapons shoulders and epeens so all is well ^^

    At some points during encounters I feel that a racial like Shadowmeld might be a good idea to have when the next in line taunts and you have to release agro fast.

    I’m positive that a racial change is going to be fun just for the fact that people won’t reconise you anymore in town

  • I have to agree, if you want to be alliance and min-max, nelf is the way to go.

    From a gameplay perspective, Tauren just ‘fit’ as tanks with their huge size and physique. Of course, having a gnome tank has always been hilarious, as goblins will be I’m sure.
    While you’ve convinced me that expertise is far better for tanks than traditional wisdom said, I agree that other racials are still superior.

  • there night elf female let’s see the improvement

  • Jack

    I had started my DK to be able to tank something/anything because there never seem to be any tanks on our server.  Reflexively, I rolled a human DK, but with the race change I went Nelf, purely for the parry/dodge bonus.  It has proven to be fantastic… especially for bonus rune strike use (which helps keep aggro).  Also, Anti-Magic Shell protects against fear (used effectively in Paletress ToC encounters), but obviously doesn’t do anything once you’ve been feared… but it’s there.

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